Oslo, Norway – October 2018

Oslo, Oslo, Oslo…

If only I could catch another cheap flight tomorrow and go back to you… I wouldn’t. Because cheap Ryanair flights won’t help you if you’re travelling to one of the most expensive countries in the world and definitely in Europe.

I’m going to swallow the pain of £2 plain croissant for breakfast and remember you for your beautiful architecture, freezing but extremely clear air, strong and friendly community, for your sunny weather.

You have treated us with negative 5 degrees Celsius, little bit of snow and sunny, golden autumn.

Your Freja chocolate which you are so proud of is ALMOST worth its price tag.

Your language is vigorous yet so pleasant to listen to.

And so I forgive you your expensive side and the next time somebody mentions your name I will remember your autumn colours and clear air.

Until next time. Maybe.

little Oslo video


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